Meet the Kids

All of the children of the Precious Kids Center have different stories, yet they each share a common thread: because they were different, they were neglected, mistreated, and even abused. In our Home, all of their differences are left at the door and they are welcomed with love and acceptance. Their suffering has been great, but their joy is also boundless.

Each child is a blessing to our household and fills it with laughter and love. Take a moment to read through their stories.

Isaac Wafula

Name: Isaac Wafula
DOB: 3/3/06
Medical Condition: Hydrocephalus, Cerebral Palsy


We met Isaac through one of the occupational therapists that works at the District Hospital in town. He had heard about the organization that we were trying to start up and he called us to come and meet a boy who really needed help. The second that we saw Isaac we knew that he was a perfect fit for the house and the more we heard about his story the more our hearts broke. Isaac was diagnosed with hydrocephalus when he was 2 months old and had an operation to put a shunt in place that would drain the excess fluid from his brain. His parents acted fast when the problem started and found a clinic that provides free live-saving surgeries for children. Isaac’s dad, Peter, loves his son dearly, but struggled to provide for him. When Isaac was one year old his mother abandoned Isaac and the rest of her family and they have never heard from her again. So Peter, who most likely has some cognitive delays himself, was left to take care of Isaac and his two other children on his own. Because there was no mother around to care for Isaac he would lie on the dark floor of their mud hut all day without any food. His father had to go to work to provide for his family and the other two kids went to school, so Isaac was left all alone. There was no extra money to pay for physical therapy so over the years Isaac’s muscles had become very stiff. Isaac was also severely malnourished when he came to live at the house, but now you wouldn’t even know he was the same kid. He grew at least two or three inches in the first eight months that he was at the house. His appetite improved and his muscles started to loosen up so he is able to do some movements on his own. Isaac still cannot sit without support or talk, but he is one happy little boy. He pays attention to everything that his going on around the house and is always the first to laugh when something funny happens. He is such a sweet little guy and we are lucky to have him.

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Cyril Nelima

Name: Cyril Nelima
DOB: 1998
Medical Condition:  Cerebral Palsy


We met Cyril one day walking through one of the slums. She was in bad shape so we took her to the hospital to be treated. She had malaria and typhoid on top of having cerebral palsy and her high fever was causing her to have seizures. She was also severely malnourished and her legs were red, cracked and swollen which was so painful that she was unable to walk. We started off supporting her from her home because we met her before we were ready to open the house. Her mother was overwhelmed. She had a one year old with Down Syndrome and was eight months pregnant. Her current husband is not Cyril’s father, which often means that the step-child is mistreated, plus the fact that Cyril has a disability, he made her life hard. We saw Cyril and our hearts broke. She is one of God’s beautiful children. She is so full of joy and often just laughs seeming without a reason. It is encouraging to think about where Cyril was when we took her and where she is now. She has come so far and we are blessed to have been part of that journey.

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Lavender Noel Ndiema

Name: Lavender Noel Ndiema
DOB: 2006
Medical Condition: Cerebral Palsy


When we first opened the home we had some difficulties finding children for the house. We knew there were many that were in need, but because of the culture here, many children with disabilities are often hidden away at home because they are seen as a curse. So we started meeting with the area chiefs, who are in charge of knowing the population and what goes on in their assigned areas. We met Lavender at a meeting with the chief of an area just outside of town called Rafiki. Lavender’s family fled from Mount Elgon to Kitale during the post election violence and had trouble getting back on their feet after that. A few months before we met Lavender her father, Samuel, went to Sudan to find work and never came back. So her mother, Christine, was left alone to care for her three girls. Christine struggled to make ends meet by working on local farms for less than a dollar a day. Only one of her girls went to school because she needed one of them to stay home to care for Lavender. Lavender has cerebral palsy, but has made great improvements since she moved in and began doing physical therapy. Her strength has improved and she can now sit on her own. Her fine motor skills have improved and she is excited to be starting school. She is such a joy to have in the house. She has a great little sense of humor and loves making other people laugh. She is a talkative little girl who loves coloring and playing with her favorite doll that she named Stella.

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Daniel Wekesa

Name: Daniel Wekesa
DOB: 2007
Medical Condition:  Autism, Epilepsy


I met Dan at a Medical Outreach Clinic that I went to with a team that was visiting. His mother just wanted some help and some answers about what she could do to help her son. He has Autism and does not walk on his own or communicate verbally. He has no problem with his hands or legs, but has some sensory issues that keep from him walking and being able to do things like feed himself. After meeting Dan and talking his mother I took her phone number and told her that I would be coming to visit her soon. When I tried to call her phone, it was disconnected and I didn’t know where she lived. Then one day I was at the District Hospital and I ran into Dan’s mom. She told me that Dan had been hospitalized the month before and was being treated for meningitis, epilepsy and malaria. Evelyne, Dan’s mom, is such a sweet woman. She loves Dan with all her heart and knows what is best for him. She is always joyful, even when she has every reason not to be. She is a widow, left to care for Dan plus six other children on her own. When we were ready to add another child we knew that Dan was the perfect fit. Dan is learning to respond to his name and loves spending time in his standing aide. He is an easy going little guy and loves looking at lights, especially the ones that we put up for Christmas.

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Samuel Barasa

Name: Samuel Barasa
DOB: 2007
Medical Condition: Dwarfism


Everyday to get from my house to town we take the same road. Everyday we saw a sweet little boy watching and waiting for my car to go past and instantly his hand would shoot up into the air and he would start waving. One day we went to go talk to his mother. She works across the street at a warehouse for a large supermarket in town and she would leave her son, Sammy, across the street with some ladies that had little stores. They would make sure that he was safe during the day. Sammy’s mother treated him as a burden rather than the blessing that he is. He has no developmental delays, but has stunted growth due to dwarfism. He has such a great heart and loves to play with all the other kids at the house. He is always the first to look out for the other kids in the house and accepts everyone at the house as they are. He loves playing with his toy cars and kicking the soccer ball in the back yard. Not to mention he has a great sense of humor and an even better laugh, he lights up the house daily with his joy.

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Willy Nyongesa Martin

Name: Willy Nyongesa Martin
DOB: 2003
Medical Condition:  Epilepsy, Cognitive Impairments


We first met Willy shortly after his father had abandoned him at the District Hospital when we went to meet some kids that were going to live in another children’s home. We got a call from the social worker from the District Hospital that there was a child who had been abandoned there in January. The staff at the District Hospital has been known to lie about children being abandoned simply to get them out of the wards, so when we heard about Willy the first time, we met him, but didn’t take the nurses seriously. As soon as we got the call that day, we both had a feeling that we would meet Willy a second time and knew that, if it was him, we had to get him out of the hospital and into a safe, loving home. Sure enough they took us straight to Willy. He has severe epilepsy and currently takes 3 medications daily (phenotoin, phenobarbitol and clomazapine) to control his seizures. His seizures are violent and throw him back if he is sitting or standing. Because of many years of having seizures on a daily basis and hitting his head often, Willy has some cognitive impairments. His speech and processing are slower than normal. After four months of struggling to find the right medication, we finally found a combination that keeps his seizures under control. Along with his daily medication he also wears a helmet to protect his brain from further damage if he were to fall from a seizure. Willy is an active little guy that loves to play outside. He loves playing with cars, playing with his friends at the house, and singing.

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Bramwel Wekesa

Name: Bramwel Wekesa
DOB: December 15, 2005
Medical Condition:  Down Syndrome

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From the first time I met Bramwel I knew he was supposed to come to live at the house. When I walked in, he instantly curled up on my lap and just sat quietly as we talked to his mother. Bramwel is one of seven children, his parents were struggling to provide for such a big family. When we went to visit Bramwel we found him and three of his siblings eating out of one small bowl of food. When he was eating dinner on his first night at the house he looked up at me and said, “At home we don’t eat.” It broke my heart and I was so thankful that God has given me so much support that such sweet boys like Bramwel can get the care they need. Bramwel is another active little boy. His best friend at the house is Willy and the two are nearly inseparable and love playing outside together.

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Allan Wafula

Name: Allan Wafula
DOB: 2003
Medical Condition:  Cerebral Palsy


We met Allan at a meeting with the area chief of Waitaluk. He had been living with his grandmother since he was two years old because his mother had been neglecting him. His grandmother was a sweet woman, who also has a lot on her plate. Not only was she responsible for providing and caring for Allan, but also for his mother and grandmother. One look at Allan’s sweet smile and we knew he would be a welcomed addition to the house. Even though he never received physical therapy before he came to the house, he is a strong little guy. He can’t walk on his own, but he crawls around and gets everywhere he was to go. He can speak, but his speech is slowed and a little difficult to understand at times. The challenges that he has don’t hinder him or steal his joy at all. He loves when the other boys push him around in his wheelchair to help him gain strength in his legs to be able to walk in his own. He is a smart little boy and loves being in school. He is currently in first grade and is making huge improvements.

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Emmanuel Koech

Name: Emmanuel Koech
DOB: 2006
Medical Condition: Cerebral Palsy

We got a call from the Children’s Officer of Kitale saying that they had some children that they wanted us to help. Lillian and Emmanuel had been staying at a home in Nakuru town that had been shut down because they were mistreating the children they were supposed to be caring for. We were told that Emmanuel was abandoned at a local hospital and then was taken in to live at this other home. Emmanuel was malnourished and also suffering from rickets, iron deficiency, malaria and typhoid on top of his disability. He has one arm that doesn’t move the way that it should, and Lillian told us that it was because one of the staff members at the other home threw him onto the bed, dislocating his shoulder and elbow and it was never treated. Even though he can’t walk on his own, he is an active and energetic little guy. You will find him sitting and scooting around the house, or lying on his back or stomach and scooting around the hallway. Whichever way he is set down, he just starts going. He can only say a few words, but he understands everything that he is told and loves to laugh.

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Lillian Kajwang

Name: Lillian Kajwang
DOB: 2002
Medical Condition: Spina Bifida, amputee

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We got a call from the Children’s Officer of Kitale saying that they had some children that they wanted us to help. Lillian and Emmanuel had been staying at a home in Nakuru town that had been shut down because they were mistreating the children they were supposed to be caring for. Lillian had lived at the home as long as she could remember. She has no cognitive impairments, but has some medical issues due to her spina bifida. She used to walk with crutches because her left leg was amputated just below the knee, but we were able to get her fitted with a prosthesis and are thrilled to see her walking–and running–around the house. She is adjusting well to living in a safe place. At the other home she was responsible for a lot of the care-giving and chores that the staff should have been taking care of. She is a sweet girl and watches out for her “brother” Manu. She is a smart little girl with a giving heart. She helps out without being asked and works very hard in school.

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Franco Wanjohi

Name: Franco Wanjohi
DOB: 2005


I met Franco in 2011 when he was living in the slums with his parents. His mother has some cognitive impairments and his dad is always sick and unable to work. Franco was so skinny and small, but always had a big smile on his face. So when the opportunity came, I took him to school at Purpose Driven Academy. During Christmas break, he had nowhere else to go so he came to stay with us for the month. When we decided to open up a school at the house, Franco stayed and became part of the family. He is a bright little boy and is very patient with the other kids. He loves playing on the swings in the backyard and listening to music.

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Marvelous Achieng

Marvelous Achieng
DOB: 2009


Marvelous was living with her Aunt in an area called Endebes. Her mother left her when she was under a year old, along with her two other siblings and disappeared. (She has some mental health issues and is unable to care for her children.) When I met Marvelous she was malnourished. Her Aunt is HIV+ and we went to visit her because we heard that she was sick. We found Marvelous starving and crying; she hadn’t eaten in three days. After we opened the house we moved her in and she is doing great. She is such a smart little girl. She loves to play and dance and practice her English with visitors.

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Julius Kawesa

Julius Kawesa
DOB: October 2011
Medical Conditions: Microcephally, Cerebral Palsy, Epillepsy, Nuerological Gastroparesis, Hydrocephalus


We met Julius at District Hospital where he was admitted because he was malnourished and he also had Tuberculosis and Meningitis. He was in bad shape and we were heartbroken to see a child suffering so greatly. When we heard his story our hearts broke even more. His mother gave birth to him at the hospital, then left him there alone. She told his father that the baby died and then she disappeared. After 5 months, one of his father’s neighbors went to the hospital to visit a patient and saw Julius there. His father picked him up and took him home, but struggled to provide for him, which is how he became sick. His father is very young and didn’t have the support of his family.  After we took him into the house, his past health problems brought on more medical issues. Julius developed a complication of Meningitis called Hydrocephalus. When it started, the area of his brain that controls the digestive process was affected. Because of all of his medical issues he is unable to sit on his own or talk, and most other milestones are delayed. He doesn’t smile and he doesn’t cry when he feels pain. He is a special little boy who is very loved by the house moms and other children. Please keep him in your prayers.

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Japheth Nakoche

Japheth Nakoche
DOB: 2011
Medical Condition: Autism


One day, we got a phone call asking us to visit a kid and we met Japheth. He was living with his father, his stepmother and half sister. Japheth was crying behind the curtain in their house. The changed him and brought him out to meet us. He was agitated and malnourished. We noticed his half sister was healthy and happy, while Japheth was being neglected. We talked to his father about how to give him proper care and support. Then the next month we went to do one of our regular visits to the District Hospital and found Japheth there. His stepmother had taken hot porridge right off of the stove and gave it to Japheth, burning his mouth and causing him to loose even more weight (because of the pain in his mouth he didn’t want to eat.) After he moved into the house we noticed that he frequently vomits after eating. We took him to get X-rays of his abdomen and an endoscopy and they said that he has some reflux. They suspect that his mother put bleach into the hot porridge, causing damage to his esophogus. Despite all he has been through, Japheth is a sweet boy. He is so full of joy and is content by himself, but loves when the other kids play with him. He doesn’t walk or talk, but he can sit on his own. He loves to giggle to himself and clap his hands and is becoming more and more aware of what is going on around him. It is a blessing to see his daily improvements.

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Trina Logilai

Trina Logilai
DOB: 2009
Medical Condition: Cerebral Palsy


Trina was born in a slum area of Kitale called Kipsongo. People from the Turkana tribe come down from Lodwar and settle there. Life is tough in that slum; it is dirty and most of the residents are alcoholics. Trina’s father had an injury about ten years ago where he damaged his spine and he requires a lot of help. He needs help standing up, and lying down and struggles to do most things on his own. Trina’s mother abandoned her family and hasn’t been seen in a while. Peter struggled to provide for Trina, but his medical issues hindered him. Trina has cerebral palsy that effects her right side. Her right hand doesn’t have full range of motion or the ability to hold things, but she doesn’t let it hold her back. She is so full of joy and a sweet little girl.

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Hezron Junior Musalia

Hezron Junior Musalia
DOB: 2003
Medical Condition: Hydrocephalus

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 4.43.36 PM

I met Junior while driving to visit the mother of another child. We drove past and I noticed him sitting on the doorstep outside his house so on the way back we stopped and introduced ourselves. He was dirty and had swollen legs from being malnourished. I asked him what he wanted me to bring him back next time and he said “Soap. I don’t like being dirty.” It broke my heart. So the next day I stopped by with soap and lotion and new clothes. A few days later I stopped by unannounced and found Junior in the same dirty clothes and the other kids in the house wearing his new ones. I found out that he had been living with his grandparents. His mother was fifteen years old when she had him and dropped him at his grandparents house one day and never came back. His grandparents didn’t have the money to get him a shunt put in place for his Hydrocephalus so they went to the area chief to raise funds and when he was four years old they were able to get the funds to do the operation. He has some cognitive delays, but is also one of the most joyful children I have ever met–he always has a huge smile on his face.

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Emmanuel Juma Wamalwa

Emmanuel Juma Wamalwa
DOB: 2003


We met Emmanuel at Sister Freda’s hospital. Willy was admitted because he had been having a lot of seizures. We went to visit him one night and some people brought in a boy who they found unconscious on the side of the road. He had a seizure and collapsed where he was at night. Willy was there for five days and in that time no one came to visit Manu and his parents live less than a ten minute walk away from the hospital. The house mothers who were there taking care of Willy also made sure that he was fed and took care of him while he was there. I went to visit Willy the day before he was discharged and I told Willy I would come and take him home tomorrow. Manu grabbed by hand and said “I’m going with you.” So we talked to his parents and they agreed. His parents seem to have a rocky relationship and neglected Manu because of his epilepsy. Manu became very sick a few weeks after moving to the house and we took him to get treated. They did a blood test and found a very high level of Brucellosis in his system. After finishing the medication we realized that he doesn’t have epilepsy and the Brucellosis was causing the seizures. Now that we know this we are able to control his seizures with medication that keep his Brucellosis in check.

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Newton Mungui


Name: Newton Mungui
DOB: 2007

Newton’s mom was working at the house before she went back to school. Now he stays with the kids while his mother is in school and goes home for the school holidays. He is sponsored to learn at a local Primary School with the other kids. He is an active little boy who also fits in great with the rest of the family.

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Maureen Nafula

Maureen Nafula
DOB: 2008


Maureen’s mother, Anna, lives and works at the house. When she started work, she came without Maureen. Then one night Maureen became very ill and came to the house while she was recovering. Anna told Maureen that her sister was coming to take her home, Maureen said that she was already home. So she moved into the house and is a joy to have around. She is a bright, funny little girl. It is encouraging to see how much she is improved at the house.

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Zipporah Nbwaya

Zipporah Nbwaya
DOB: 2010


Zipporah’s mother, Alice, also works at the house. Zipporah (Zippee: “Z.P.” for short) had been staying at her grandparents’ for the first few months her mother worked at the house, but later moved in with us. She is a sassy little girl with so much energy and a contagious laugh.

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Susan Marion

Name: Susan Marion
Date of Birth: 2007
Medical Condition: Autism


I met Susan when she was living in an area of town called Matisi. Her mother abandoned her when she was small and left her to live all on her own. Her grandmother had only been staying with her for a year and said that when she found her she was so malnourished and was being abused by the neighbors in the area where her mother left her. Susan’s grandmother is not-all-there (mentally) herself and struggled to provide for the two of them. She would go to work and leave Susan all alone during the day. I went into their house and there was nothing inside, not even a blanket, a trace of food, or clean clothes. I found Susan sleeping on an old bag of maize in the corner and when she woke up she was shivering and hungry. Susan doesn’t speak, but she loves to dance and is such a happy little girl. She also loves to do headstands…all day everyday. She flits around the house so often that the house moms have nicknamed her “butterfly.”

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Dinah Mukwana

Name: Dinah Mukwana
Date of Birth: February 12, 2012
Medical Condition: Hydrocephalus, Spina Bifida


I got a call from the Children’s Welfare Office of Eldoret (a town about an hour and a half from Kitale) asking me if I could come meet a few children who had been abandoned at a big hospital in their area. That is where I met Dinah. She was born there and her mother abandoned her and has never came back. Dinah had never left the hospital until the day we took her to the house. She loves being at the house and playing with the other kids. She is a tiny girl with a big personality: she loves to talk, make jokes, and be right in the center of the action. The damage caused to spine by the Spina Bifida has left her legs paralyzed, but she can sit on her own, feed herself and crawls all around with the other kids. She is very bright and loves to attend school each day.

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Rael Majuma

Name: Rael Majuma
Date of Birth: 2008
Medical Condition: Developmental Delays, Epilepsy


I met Rael before Precious Kids Center started. She was living with both her parents in a local slum area. She was three years old and weighed only 4kgs (just under 9lbs) and was unable to walk or talk. She is Franco Wanjohi’s little sister. Their parents are not-all-there (mentally) and were struggling to care for them. Rael and her twin sister Rose were taken to live at another children’s home run by one of my friends. At the time, we didn’t know that Rael had any developmental delays or other health issues. As she got older, it became more evident and she was moved to Precious Kids Center so that she could receive more specialized care because of her disabilities. Rael has a very sweet demeanor. She has a big smile and loves to help with small tasks when she can. Right now, her favorite way to help is sweeping outside after haircuts and inside after meals.

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Linah Nafula

Name: Linah Nafula
Date of Birth: October 2009
Medical Condition: Albinism


Linah comes from a family of seven. Linah and her older sister Damaris both have albinism. Damaris was mostly in charge of caring for Linah and took her to all of the check-ups and eye clinics that are available. Their mother said that their father is a drunkard and she struggles to provide for such a large family without the support of her husband. The kids feet were covered with jiggers and the girls slept outside on worn out mattresses in the family’s kitchen. Linah was in a local public school where they don’t even have desks for the students and the ones who can’t teach themselves struggle to keep up. After seeing sweet Linah in such a difficult situation we decided to move her into the home. Since moving in to the house, Ina has done so well with the other kids. Her best friends are Maureen and Zipporah. She is a chatty, inquisitive little girl who is doing so well in this safe and loving new home.

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David Gideon Murugha

Name: David Gideon Murugha
Date of Birth: 2010
Medical Condition: Delayed speech development


David was dropped off at the center one day by the Children’s Office. We were told that he needed a place to stay for the weekend and they would return on Monday to find a permanent placement for him, but no one ever came to pick him up. We knew little about his background and were not even told his name upon his arrival. When we asked this traumatized little three-year-old, we thought he said his name was Eric David. A few months later, we were at church one day and a woman came up to me and was so happy to see him. It turns out, she is his grandmother. We were able to get to know a few more details about him. His real name is Gideon (but we let him choose what he wants to be called and he chose David.) He was taken from his mother because she has a mental illness and the children’s office learned of the abuse that was going on in the home. David’s grandmother told me that one day she went to visit and found him tied to a tree outside. Sweet little David has been through a lot in his few years and is finally starting to break out of his shell after being with us for almost a year. He has some speech delays and other minor developmental issues, that most likely stem from his past traumas, but we have seen him make great progress the past year and he is beginning to gain more trust towards the adults in the house and will interact and smile.

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Malé Naliaka

Name: Malé Naliaka
Date of Birth: 2004
Medical Condition: Down Syndrome


Malé was found living in an area about an hour outside of Kitale. She was living with her father and grandmother who both are heavy drinkers. She had never had the opportunity to go to school because her family thought that her disabilities would keep her from being able to learn. I went to check on her one day and she ran right up and sat on my lap. Her father saw her as more of a burden than a blessing and dropped her off at the house the next day and has not been back to visit since. She is a joy to have at the house. She loves playing with all the other children, but Bramwel is her best friend at the house.

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Jabal Simiyu

Name: Jabal Simiyu
Date of Birth: 2003
Medical Condition: Tumoral Calcinosis

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Jabal comes from the same part of Kitale as Male. He was brought to the center one day by a concerned neighbor. Jabal had tumors growing on both of his elbows and on one of his feet. They weren’t painful until they grew to their full size and would burst. We had him taken to the Kitale District Hospital for his first operation, but the pathology results never came back. During his recovery, he stayed with us at the house and then we decided to send him to school with some of the older boys at the house. He had been living with his grandmother, who earns a living by making the local alcohol and she couldn’t afford the treatment that he needed. After his first operation, the tumor grew back in just two months and we took him to another hospital in Kijabe for removal and pathology so that we could find the cause of the problem. He was diagnosed with Tumoral Calicinosis. There is no medicine to prevent the tumors and they will continue to be removed as they appear. Jabal is a happy kid with a great sense of humor that is always putting a smile on everyone’s face.

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Moses Zawadi

Name: Moses Zawadi
Date of Birth: 2009
Medical Condition: Cerebral Palsy


Moses was found abandoned in the waiting area of the District Hospital. Someone had just dropped him off and the hospital staff found him crawling around the hospital alone after hours. Moses is unable to speak so we don’t know many details about him and had to give him a new name along with his new life. When he came to the house he could only crawl, but after six short months of physical therapy he began to walk and is now running all around the compound.

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Victor Wafula

Name: Victor Wafula
Medical Condition: Schizencephally

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His mother, Phoebe was just fifteen years old when he was born and she has been struggling to provide for him ever since. Victor cannot sit on his own or support his own head. He doesn’t talk and needs to be fed and have his diaper changed. His mom loves him very much, but doesn’t have the knowledge or means to provide for him. She has been kicked out of her mother’s home and had two husbands leave her because she refused to abandon her son. I had been helping to support Victor from his home, but they moved one day and I couldn’t find them. Then one day I stumbled upon them in a little village 30 minutes outside of town and told his mom that I would come back the next day to take him to the hospital to get some scans so that he could start medication for his epilepsy. When we got there we found him locked inside his family’s little mud hut in the dark because his mother had no option but to leave him at home and go to work to make a little money to feed her family. Upon seeing this, my heart broke and we decided to move him into the house. Victor has Schizencephally, which is very rare and means that the left side of his brain never developed. Victor was always one of the happiest kids at the house. It was hard to find him without a big smile on his face. In early 2016, Victor’s breathing worsened and his seizures became much longer and more frequent. The doctor’s said his condition brings more complications as the child gets older.  Victor passed away suddenly one morning. The children and staff grieved him well and will never forget this joyful boy.

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Japheth Mateka

Name: Japheth Mateka
Date of Birth: 2008

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Japheth is the little brother of Pascal Wafula. Pascal’s mom called us one Saturday and said that she was in the hospital and wanted us to come and visit her. After talking to her she told me that she had been diagnosed with cervical cancer. She was discharged a few days later and referred to a hospital with a cancer center about an hour away. She is currently undergoing chemotherapy, but her condition is not improving. We usually stop by to visit her twice a month to see how she is doing. One Saturday we stopped by and found that she was doing much worse and could not even get up off her couch. Japheth is too little to be able to care for her and she was too weak to cook, so they hadn’t eaten for two days. We brought Japheth home with us to help lighten the stress his mother was feeling as she watched her child not be able to go to school and get the care he needed because of her illness. Japheth is doing well with us and is excited to be in school. His mother, Rose is still undergoing treatment and is having many up and downs. Some weeks it seems as if the treatment is working and other times she is in too much pain to even get out of bed. Please keep her and her two sweet boys in your prayers.

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Quinta Nekesa

Name: Quinta Nekesa
DOB: 2006
Medical Condition: Cerebral Palsy

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Every time I would visit Mama Pascal, a neighbor girl, Quinta, would make her way to say hi. Quinta has cerebral palsy, which makes it difficult for her to walk on her own. Her mother saw her as a burden and would leave her locked outside the house all day. There is something wrong when you would lock up your possessions in your house for safe keeping, while leaving your daughter outside alone to fend for herself. Quinta is shy and reserved and didn’t talk to me much on these visits, but would come and sit right next to me and smile. Mama Pascal told me that after I leave Quinta always asks when I am going to take her to come stay with me. She told them that she doesn’t like sitting alone outside all day (without lunch most days) while the other kids go to school or tag along with their mother while she runs errands. I told Quinta that she just needed to wait for a few months until the new house is built then she could come and learn with the other kids. She agreed but looked up at me with tears in her eyes. We walked her back to her house and then headed off to eat lunch. I couldn’t get her off my mind. The very same day I went back and talked to Quinta’s mother and we brought her to Precious Kids Center. It has been great to see her open up and become comfortable in such a short time. She already knows that she is loved for who she is by the staff and other children. She had only said about three words to me before she came and now she is free to be herself and has turned into a little chatterbox.

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Zablon Echai

Name: Zablon Echai
DOB: 2006

Most days when I go to town my car is immediately swarmed by anywhere from five to fifteen boys that live in the streets of Kitale. Most of them have parents, but for whatever reason they run away to town because being homeless is better than their situation at home. A few weeks ago we noticed a boy that was so much tinier than the rest. It broke my heart to see such a little boy struggling and living life all on his own. Zablon quickly became part of the group that sees my car pull into town and comes running. He told me that he came to town with his mother, who is also sleeping on the streets. She has a mental illness and somehow ended up in Kitale town with her son. Zablon’s case is different than the other boys living in town. He didn’t make the decision to leave his home, but he was brought there to live because his mother had nowhere to go. One day I went to town and he grabbed on to my hand and I asked him if he wanted to start a new life and come live at Precious Kids Center and he quickly agreed. I was nervous that he would run away, but after a few hours he quickly warmed up to the other kids at the house.He is a real spunky little boy with LOTS of energy. He needs a little extra love and attention and loves tagging  along on errands with me. He said that when he grows up he wants to be a pilot and he said he would fly me to the U.S. anytime I want. He still has a lot of adjusting to do, but he is getting used to his new environment and slowly working to overcome the trauma of his past.

Gracie Nafula

Name: Gracie Nafula
Date of Birth: 2009
Medical Condition: Congenital Scoliosis

Gracie is a sweet little girl I met in a part of town called Birunda when I went to visit Victor and Manu’s parents who both live in the area. I told her mom to meet us at the Kijabe clinic that was coming to town in a few weeks so that the spine specialist could take a look and tell us what the next steps would be. After a long day at the clinic, I was surprised to find that Gracie and her mom had been waiting for me at the kids’ house. We jumped back in the car and went back to the clinic. When we got back to the kid’s house she told me that she didn’t want to leave and had also told her mother something similar several times during the day when they were waiting for us to come back. I walked into the back of the house and one of the house moms walked up to me and said, ”I am so happy that you brought me another kid. She will sleep in my bed tonight all I need is a blanket for her.” Gracie, the other kids, and the staff had already made her a part of the family just like that. She showed up dirty and without shoes, and said goodbye to her mom without a problem, which proved that whatever the situation is at home, it isn’t ideal. So, just like that, she became the 45th resident of Precious Kids Center.

Allan Wekesa

Name: Allan Wekesa
Date of Birth: 2005
Medical Condition: Hydrocephalus

I met Allan a few years ago when he was living with his mother and siblings at Purpose Driven Academy. His mother explained that when Allan first got sick, she dropped her other three children at their grandmother’s house and took Allan to Uganda for an operation. When she returned she found that he husband had packed up everything they owned and disappeared leaving her to care for her children alone. Allan began attending school at Precious Kids Center while his mother worked. She only had two days off a month, so we agreed to have her drop Allan off in the mornings before work and to come pick him up in the evenings after work was over. We enjoyed having Allan around and were seeing him make improvements after being around the other children at school. Colette deeply loves her son, but when it came time for us to move to the new property, it was clear that this was too far away for her to be able to drop him off and pick him up and that the best option would be for him to move with us to the new center. So we hired Colette! She and her two other children, Whitney and Junior moved on to the new PKC compound. Allan is a very funny boy. He loves to sing little songs to himself and twist all around in whatever chair he is sitting in. He also loves to hit and kick and you will never hear him laugh harder than when he connects with his target. We are glad that we get to spend more time with Allan and enjoy having him with us in our new home!

Lillian Chesang

Name: Lillian Chesang
Medical Condition: Schezencephally, Hydrocephalus, Epilepsy

The first time I saw Lillian, we were in Kijabe (a town 6 hours away from Kitale) at the hospital with a few other kids from the center. When we got back to Kitale one of the other employees showed us a picture of a child who had been to the center while we were gone. Imagine our surprise when it was Lillian, the very same child we had seen at Kijabe. We went and talked to her mother and she told us that it was a challenge to care for her child as a single mother. They also live far outside of town so finding proper medical care and a place for physical therapy is also a big challenge. In January, she moved into PKC. She has Schizencephally, which means that her brain did not form properly due to her having a stroke while still in the womb. Due to complications of her Schizencephally, she later developed Hydrocephalus, but her mother was able to scrape together the funds to get a shunt placed when she was two years old. Lillian also has epilepsy and takes medication daily to keep her seizures under control. Also due to the damaged caused to her brain by her other diagnoses, she is blind. Despite all of her challenges, Lillian was a joy to have around and she has a great big smile and an even better giggle. She loved singing to herself and also enjoys when the other kids come to play with her. In the summer of 2016, her condition worsened and doctors were no longer able to do anything but make her comfortable and she passed away with her mother by her side.

Sherry Ingasu

Name: Sherry Ingasu
Date of Birth: 2011
Medical Condition: Spina Bifida

I’ve known Sherry for a few years now. Her mom was constantly going around to different people and I had gotten several calls about her and gone to see her on several occasions. I had her mother meet me at the Kijabe Clinic in town one day to have the doctors take a look at Sherry and she showed up drunk at 9:00 in the morning.  Then one day I got a call and heard that her mother had been arrested for being drunk and that Sherry was in prison with her. Typically, the time spent in jail for this offense is three to six months. Life in the prison is hard as an inmate and the children do not receive any special treatment. It broke my heart to think that this sweet little girl would be subjected to this type of treatment for her mother’s mistakes. So I took a trip down to the prison and met with her mother and the welfare officer. Her mother agreed that Precious Kids Center would be the best place for her so we loaded her up in the car and brought her home. Sherry was born with spina bifida that left her legs paralyzed. Sherry instantly fit right into our little family. On her first day, it seemed like she had been there for years. She loves being around the other kids and having the opportunity to attend school. She has the sweetest little giggle and is so full of joy.

Joel Torotich

Name: Joel Torotich
Date of Birth: 2010
Medical Condition: Microcephaly, hydrocephalus, epilepsy


I met Joel last year when I traveled to Korosion, West Pokot with a visiting team to help out with an eye clinic. The village that we visited was very remote and very hard to get to. We had to drive on bumpy roads, and up rocky hills for about an hour. Then we pulled the car over to the side of the road and walked across a little river and up a hill to get to the school where the clinic was. I noticed a young mother with two kids, one tied on her front and the other one tied to her back. I sat with him almost the whole day then we said our goodbyes. I gave his mother and some of the other people at the clinic so that they could get in touch with me to talk about how we could best help him. I couldn’t stop thinking about the immense struggle of raising a child with a disability in such a rural area. The hospital was so far away and this family has very little income so it was difficult for them to get him the check ups that he needed let alone get to him to weekly therapy sessions. After I left, I tried calling the phone numbers I had been given, but couldn’t reach anyone. Then, one afternoon, I passed by a clinic that came to town to check up on some other kids, and there was Joel with his dad. I talked to him about bringing him to the house, he went home to talk to his wife then they both came to bring Joel to his new home. Joel is adjusting nicely. He is a happy little boy who is starting to smile more and more. With the right medicines, we were able to get his epilepsy under control and have been working with doctors to see how we might improve his brain function.

Caleb Baraka

Name: Caleb Baraka
Date of Birth: 2010
Medical Condition: Hydrocephalus

In the summer of 2016, I got some messages from a missionary in Nakuru (a town about 4 hours away from Kitale) about a child who had been abandoned at the hospital 9 months ago. The social worker at the hospital was working with her to find a placement for him locally and they couldn’t find any other children’s homes or families that were willing to take him. I made the drive to Nakuru to meet him and see if there was any way that we could help. When I saw sweet little Caleb lying in his hospital bed and heard more of his story I knew that he would be a perfect fit for PKC. He was abandoned in the waiting area of the hospital one day. No one ever came to claim him and I was told that he was malnourished and his limbs were very stiff when he first came in. It was refreshing to see a child who was abandoned at the hospital who was in better shape than when he came. And it was obvious from all of the tearful goodbyes that he was well-loved. He is such an easy going little guy. Caleb has hydrocephalus and is not able to speak or sit unsupported, but his sweet little laugh fills the room. He loves being around the other kids and is making a quick and easy adjustment to his new environment.

Emmanuel Kipruto

Name: Emmanuel Kipruto
Date of Birth: 2011
Medical Condition: Hydrocephalus

I first met Emmanuel at a clinic in Kitale. His mother had taken him for a checkup to make sure that his shunt was working and didn’t have the money to be able to get him to Kijabe the following week for a check up. She shyly waited by the car and quietly asked if I could help her. So I gave her a little money to go to Kijabe and get Emmanuel checked out. When she came back we stopped by her house to check on them. When we got there we talked about Emmanuel and got to spend some time with him. He has Hydrocephalus and his mother had trouble getting the funds to pay for his surgery, but when the doctors at Kijabe saw how urgently he needed an operation they helped her out by doing it for free. Emmanuel’s father abandoned his family because he said that Emmanuel couldn’t possibly be his son. This left his mother to provide for not just Emmanuel, but three other children on her own. So she moved back in with her parents, who also didn’t seem like they were very loving or accepting of Emmanuel. We could see how much this mother loves her child and wants the best for him, the problem is she doesn’t have the income to be able to do that, so we brought him to live at PKC. He is a smart little boy who is just starting to talk and within a week of him being at the house, he already knew everyone’s names. We were able to get a special chair made to give him the proper support to sit on his own so that he can attend classes and be around the other kids. We love having feisty little Emmanuel around and love watching him excitedly start bobbing his head and waving his arms whenever he hears music.




Pascal Wafula

Pascal Wafula
DOB: 2004

When I met Pascal he was living on the streets of Kitale town. There are many boys that leave their homes for various reasons and start living the hard life on the streets of Kitale. Pascal was different. He wasn’t hardened by the tough life in town and was so sweet and joyful. Everyday he was the first one to greet me in town and would walk with me the whole time. We went to visit his mom and I learned that his father died suddenly leaving her to care for her six other children on her own. She is an alcoholic and she only stayed with her youngest son. Her other children either live in town or with another sibling. Pascal has adjusted to being off the streets in town and is doing great at the house. He always has a big smile on his face and is always so compassionate and loving towards the other kids at the house. He is also really thriving in the local primary school. He is currently Head Boy for lower primary.

Pascal’s mother was recently diagnosed with cervical cancer. She is currently undergoing chemotherapy, but her condition is not improving. We usually stop by to visit her twice a month to see how she is doing. As she became too weak to care for her youngest son, Japheth, he came to stay at the house with us. The brothers are so happy to live together. Their mother, Rose is still undergoing treatment. Please keep her and her two sweet boys in your prayers.

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Frank Sitati

Frank Sitati
DOB: 2001


I also met Frank when he was living in the streets in town. He was always friendly and happy to come greet me. A team came to town and met him and one of the visitors wanted to put him in school. He said that he didn’t want to go stay with his mother and stepfather during school breaks, so we agreed to have him come and stay with us during those times. He is a great student. He was only in school for the last three weeks of school and got the fifth highest test score in the fifth grade at his school. He enjoys learning and also loves children and plays with every child at the house.

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Lucy Namoni

Lucy Namoni
DOB: October 28, 2003


Lucy comes from a slum area near the house called Shimo La Tewa. When I first met her, her feet were so full of jiggers that she had to walk on her heals to keep from feeling pain. She has sponsors that placed her in a boarding school, but staying at home during school holidays was difficult to her. One day she came to the house hungry, sick and frustrated. She told me through tears that her alcoholic mother forced her to cook for the whole family and then sent her outside while they all ate and left her hungry. As she was leaving, under her breath she muttered that she is so tired of being home she sometimes thinks it would be better if she would just eat poison. It broke my heart. This sweet little girl was suffering in her home for no reason. So now she stays at the house with the rest of the kids for the school holidays. She is a joy to have around, she loves to sing and play with everyone. It is great to watch her smile and be free in a safe environment.

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Augustus Masike

Name: Augustus Masike
DOB: 2002


Augustus was living with his Aunt in a slum area called Shimo La Tewa, after his parents passed away. His Aunt is HIV+ and also is a heavy drinker. Often when a child goes to live with their Aunt they are not given the best care. Augustus had been learning at a local primary school called Purpose Driven Academy. He has an umbillical hernia that was causing him pain and illness. We were told that he needed an operation, so we moved him back to the house. He underwent an operation and fully recovered. Augustus had many difficulties learning to read and write when he first started school. We finally found a school that gave him the support he needs to start reading and writing and he is doing great. He is a great help to the house moms and with the other kids. The smaller children call him “A-gu-gu” and love him very much.

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Stella Khasandi

Name: Stella Khasandi
Date of Birth: 2000

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Stella is Marvelous’ big sister. I started supporting this family in 2009 and helping the children go to school. When Stella was little her mother dropped her, Junior and Marvelous off at their Aunt Pamela’s house and would only come back occasionally to visit. Pamela raised these children as her own and they loved her very much. Pamela was HIV+ and passed away in April of 2015 leaving these kids without a place to go. So she moved to Precious Kids Center and is a great addition to the family.

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Junior Joseph Wanyama

Name: Junior Joseph Wanyama
Date of Birth: 2002


Junior is Marvelous’ big brother. I started supporting this family in 2009 and helping the children go to school. When Stella was little her mother dropped her, Junior and Marvelous off at their Aunt Pamela’s house and would only come back occasionally to visit. Pamela raised these children as her own and they loved her very much. Pamela was HIV+ and passed away in April of 2015 leaving these kids without a place to go. So he moved to Precious Kids Center and is a great addition to the family. He is a great student and is always at the top of his class.

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Allan Wanga

Name: Allan Wanga
Date of Birth: 2002


Allan is the cousin of Junior, Stella and Marvelous. His mother, Pamela, not only cared for her two children, but also many others as well. I started sponsoring Allan in school in 2009 and when his mother passed away in 2015 he came to live with us at Precious Kids Center. He is a very bright boy who is always number one in school.

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Ezekiel Juma

Name: Ezekiel Juma
Date of Birth: 2001

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Ezekiel was living with Pamela and her family because he had no place to go. His parents had abandoned him at the Kitale District Hospital after he was hit by a motorcycle and broke his shin, ankle and femur. They never came back to visit him and he was living at the hospital for over a year before some friends of mine put him in school. After I helped Pamela build a larger house for herself, she offered to open her home to other boys who needed a place to stay, so Ezekiel moved in with her and became part of the family. When Pamela passed away in 2015 he came to live with us at Precious Kids Center.

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Emmanuel Wanyonyi

Name: Emmanuel Wanyonyi
Date of Birth: 2004

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Emmanuel was living with Pamela and her family because he had no place to go. He left home after his mother, who is an alcoholic, found a new husband who was abusive. He was living on the streets of Kitale when I met him and brought him to stay at Pamela’s so that he could get back in school and have a safe, loving home. When Pamela passed away in 2015 he came to live with us at Precious Kids Center.

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